Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inscriptions from My Love

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Life had gone monochrome,
everything was dull
& close as a dome !
& amazingly i had adopted this way.
Walking like this alone,
all the way....
wihout regrets & complain,
even i stopped dreaming....
then, all it happened.....
someone invaded my lonely thoughts..
came as a breeze ....!..!..!
I didn't needed all this,
but don'no why
i found me , with open arms
with a shy
someone just came as an unexpected guest
to my heart....
i know that i have nothing to offer , to present her!!
then even i forwarded my empty hands to her.
i wonder what she saw in me!!!!!
but, She was so gracious , so generous.........
i couldn't refuse her,
just couldn't say....
that i've nothing to offer you
to make your life filled up...
May be she has no expectations....
or may be she has....& she know that
its not going to be fullfilled.
or may be she has seen some
old shadows in me..
But isn't it worth surprise.... a relationship
just build up...
without much effort,
& now i'm just habituated to she her...
every morning.....
she is just like the beginning of a shiny day..
like sunrise , sunset, moons & stars......
& i feel just empty without her glimpse..
there is nothing between
but some unseen threads....
which binds & links us together..
can one be a friend like her..?
how far we'll go together..?
whats ahead..?
Lest broken threads..?
will it long.?
but, to conclude..i m jammy
that i've she in my life
not exactly a possession....
but i possesses it proudly
what may be the future,
the present and past is surely
gonna be a golden chapter,
whenever feeling alone, i'll refer...
O God !! if u are..
bless with all the fortunes to her..
the best i can do is to pray for her..
& i m doing this ......always............